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Sl no. Name Description
1 Schedule 6 (B/s & P/L) Schedule-VI Balance Sheet provides the representation of company’s financial position at any point in time in the Schedule VI format of Companies Act. The report displays the Schedule VI Heads with the respective balances.
2 Tally Auto Backup Module - Windows Scheduler / Tally Scheduler Using  this module, tally data will be automatically backed up with scheduler
3 All Masters Import via Excel To Tally In case of Master Import, the format will be provided by us. In case if the format is different, the charges will be extra
4 All Vouchers Import via Excel To Tally In case of Voucher Import, the format will be provided by us. In case if the format is different, the charges will be extra
5 Document Management System Document Management System module enables you to allow attach the relevant documents at the master level in Tally.ERP9. The documents can be viewed at the transaction level as well as at the report level.
6 Transaction Alteration Details in Tally Alteration history report
7 QR Code Print On Invoice For Easy Payment From  Bank QR Code image to be collected in JPEG format and can be shown in invoice.This can be used for Scan & online payment (eg Phonepe)
8 Purchase & Sales Flow with Control on Qty & Rate along with v/s Report Purchase Process Control This add-on module controls the purchase operations efficiently. The add-on help the users to track the Purchase
order number in goods receipt note and good receipt note number in purchase invoice.Sales Process Control This add-on module controls the sales flow efficiently and cannot be able to pass the delivery note without sales
order reference it will prompt the Error message like “Please select the order number” and the same way sales cannot be entered without delivery Note and It also restricts the removal of excess goods going out from organization. This can be overridden by administrator.
9 Budget import and Warning system Import budgets from excel.
warning during voucher entry if amount exceeding budget
10 Auto Eamiling of Ledger & Outstsanding Statement to Customers Ledger and outstanding statement will automatically go to the customer as per the sheduled time.This module will be provided scheduler option,accordingly mail will trigger as per the time is set in scheduler.
11 Simple Work Flow - Maker & Checker Concept When Data entry user records the transaction (he is a maker) and other authorised user (he is checker) will check and approve the transaction. once entry is approved it will affect your financials
12 Image In Stock Items Masters An image of the stock item is helpful in identifying it correctly. This add-on gives you the facility to add the image of the item in the Stock Item Master.
13 Master & Transaction alteration history details If user alter the master and transaction details a auto mail will go to the authorized mail id which is set in the comapany creation screen and Scheduler need to be configured
14 Seal And Signature On Invoice Seal & signature can be printed in authorised signatory field
15 Sales Men Wise Sales And Outsatnding Module Sales man master will be provided in accounts info and in sales invoice sales man selection is given and in customized sales report saels man wise sales is captured and outstanding also accordingly
16 Sales Men Commission Calculation Module in Saleman master sales target has to be fixed based on salesman achivement & percentage provided in master. commission will be calculated if saleman has achived the target amount
17 Advance Credit Limit & Approval Via OTP – Mail The Advance Credit Limit add-on module will enable user to restrict generation of the Delivery Note as well as the Sales Invoice, based on the credit limit amount as specified in the Customer Master.
You can also see the bills outstanding details of that particular customer from the voucher entry itself, instead of navigating from Gateway of Tally to the customer ledger account outstanding details section
18 Cost Centre Wise Trial Balance, P&L & B/S. When your expenses and income is allocated to cost centers, you can view the Profit & Loss account each cost center wise
When your Liabilities or Asset Ledger is allocated to cost centers, you can view the Balance Sheet account each cost center wise
The Trial Balance is enhanced with this add-on to display the cost categories and cost centres to which the debits and credits have been allocated.
19 Voucher type security By enabling this module you can give access to different users for different voucher types depending upon the department handled by the user
20 Barcode generation and Label Printing Barcode code can be generated in part number / alias and barcode label printing also can be done
21 Auto Posting of Transactions between two different companies for example if we book any journal entry in one company same entry can be auto posted to other sister concern companies
22 Create Masters across Multiple companies Any ledger is created in one company same ledger will be copied from backend to all the target companies
23 Detailed Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss A/c - Ledger level explode once detailed button is clicked Ledger details can be viewed in main level itself.
24 User Wise Deletion & Cancel Control Delet - By enabling this module the user can be restricted to delete any kind of voucher in Tally. But the user can cancel the voucher
Cancel - By enabling this module the user can be restricted to cancel any kind of voucher in Tally. But the user can delete the voucher
25 Ledger / Group Creation without opening group company Ledger / Group can be created in one company and same ledger will be copied to all companies in list of companies without opening any target comapny
26 Ledger Summary for group company While operating Tally Many a times you have created a common ledger for multiple companies. With this Add-on you can view Balance of a common ledger balance across multiple companies.
You can view details like opening balance, debit totals, credit totals and Closing balance of common ledger
27 Cost center Daybook Cost center wise day book can be viewed
28 Detailed Daybook in Columnar Format Columnar wise day book
29 Freight Charges Analysis report Appropriate by Value for freight charges report can be viewed seperately
30 Show Optional Vouchers in ledger Summary Optional vouchers can be viewed in ledger summary
31 Company Task Calendar By using this Calendar module you will be able to bring up the holidays, tasks and reminders assigned for the day in the choice of your language. Any year calendar can be viewed and updated using this calendar module. The tax calendar can also be prepared by defining the tax due date reminders.  Admin will be     able to view all the tasks assigned for the users in view mode only.
32 Party Details In Cash/Pos Sales Register Many a times you record sales/POS transaction with one time customer. Now, for such customers it is not feasible to create a party master. You also want to view details of such one-time customers to formulate your CRM and other marketing activities.
With this add-on you can capture customer contact details in the cash & POS transactions
33 Bills Outstanding Report In Transaction The Bills Outstanding Report in Transaction add-on module helps while recording sales transaction for a party you may have felt a need to know outstanding bills of that party. With this Add-on you can come to know the bills outstanding for a particular debtor or creditor while recording sales transaction on a click of button
34 Terms & Conditions In Inventory Vouchers The terms and conditions templates can be created by enabling this module and the print out of the same can be taken out as an attachment to the Purchase Order or other inventory vouchers. Any number of templates can be created and applicable template can be selected at the voucher entry level
35 Godown Wise Security By enabling this module you can restrict the access with regard to Godown/location
36 Group / Ledger Wise Security You can give access to different users for different Groups & Ledgers depending upon the department/area handled by the user
37 System Date As Voucher Date In default Tally, whenever you go to voucher creation, the date of the voucher will be displayed based on the last date of entry made in Tally. Each time you should change the date if you want to enter the current dated voucher. When this module is enabled, the date of the voucher will be picked from the system date (current date), and the data entry person can start entering the date, without changing the date of the voucher.
38 Voucher Time Control By using this module you can allow or prevent access to the vouchers after fixed time based on the user login. This module disallows access to all the vouchers user wise after a specified time.
39 Address Book V2.0  Ledger details can get in columnar wise and can be extracted to excel with all details like ledger name, address, GST number etc.
40 Grid Lines In Reports Add grid line
41 Move all transactions from One Ledger to Other Ledger In one shot ledger can be replaced in all transaction
42 Duplicate Order Number & Purchase Invoice number Control This Add-on will control duplicate order.
By enabling this module the recurrence of order numbers in Sales Orders as well as Purchase orders are
43 Fix Items To Preferred Supplier In businesses, there are preferred vendors for specific items. This could be based on several factors like
best prices, quickest delivery, trust etc. While creating sales order, it would help if only those specific
items are available for selection for a particular party.
This add-on provides facility to select specific items for a particular supplier. The same will be allowed to
do the billing. You can restrict the user from selecting different supplier for an item
44 Back dated transactions Auto mail Backdated entries done by users report will trigger mail what are the transactions entered in backdated from users
45 Auto Reversal of Journal Vouchers In Next Month Expenses Provision Journal vouchers will be booked at the month end the same journal voucher will get reversed during next month beginning.
46 Auto Post Receipt For Party sales entry an automatic receipt entry will be posted (it reduce the work and increase productivity)
47 Audit Trial Track the changes made to the voucher. Shows the full history of changes. report - date and time, voucher no, altered by, ledger changes, inventory changes, cost center changes, reason for modification, ip address
48 Watermark in Invoice select amy image (your company logo / product logo) as watermark in the Invoice
49 Ledger Approval and Item Approval - with auto generated code Ledger Approval and Item Approval - with auto generated code
50 Capture Postdated cheques while invoice for customer Capture Postdated cheques while invoice for customer
51 Advanced Calender Module Advanced Calender Module
52 Display OB, Transactions & Closing Balance of Common Ledgers In Group Company Display OB, Transactions & Closing Balance of Common Ledgers In Group Company

Option 1 If you are under AMC (Annual Support for Tally) with us, you can choose any 3 of these free of cost.

Note: AMC will give you unlimited telephonic and remote login support for Tally for the period of 1 year - 9000/- + TAX = 10,620/-

Option 2 even if not in AMC, you can still get these tools free of cost, we will just charge you service charge for configuring, training and support - 1800/- + TAX = 2,124/- (per module)