Instant XBRL

Key Features:

  • As per Revised Schedule III Taxonomy (IND AS)
  • Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss (AOC 4)
  • Cost Audit Report & Compliance Report in XBRL format
  • Taxonomy Tree view for easy navigation, browsing and searching.
  • Detailed Information about each element of Taxonomy.
  • Facility to create Tuple (Multi Record Element) at Taxonomy Tree itself.
  • User friendly Data Entry Screen.
  • Import Data from Existing Excel Files of Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Statements
  • Professional can send excel templates to their clients for easy data entry which can be imported in software.
  • Easy drag-drop facility of data.
  • Specify Currency, Precision for each elements
  • Footnotes for each element. Utilise same footnote for multiple elements
  • Copy and Paste Notes to Accounts from Word/Excel/Html Files/Txt Files. Format will be maintained as it is.
  • Inbuilt validation at entry level to avoid data entry mistakes.
  • Validation for mandatory elements and other requirements for XBRL Filing.
  • Preview XBRL Document before finally generating it
  • Generate XBRL Instance document at click of a button
  • Validate through MCA validation utility.
  • Facility to create Standalone & Consolidated Financial Statements as per MCA requirements
  • Masters of Units, Precision, Context
  • Masters of Entities and their subsidiaries
  • Automatic updates available in the software for timely updates.
  • Data back facility available in the software to take the backup on regular basis.
  • No Expertise required
  • Tag, Review, Generate, Preview, File.
  • User friendly, Easy to use. Flexible enough to handle all your XBRL requirements.

Quotation :

Software New Purchase  Renewal
Single user Multi user  Single user Multi user 
Instant XBRL (Balance sheet and P&L + INDAS + Cost Audit & Cost Compliance, Unlimited Companies) 10000 20000 7000 14000
Balance sheet, P&L, INDAS , Unlimited Companies 7500 15000 7500 15000
Cost Audit & Cost Compliance , Unlimited Companies 6000 8000 6000 8000
Single company 5000

GST additional @ 18%