eTDS Wizard

eTdsWizard + DNF (Default Notice Forecaster) + DS Lite (Digital Signer Lite) + ITR Wizard

100% value for money (buy eTdsWizard + DNF and get ITR Wizard free). Price Rs. 4366 (including GST).

eTdsWizard ensures 100% TDS compliance by creating eTDS statements, correction statements, printing TDS certificates in Form 16/16A and ePayments. eTdsWizard also enables you to create and print quarterly e-TDS statements in a PDF format.

Key Features:
• Create your returns from FY 2007-08 onwards. No cap on number of returns being created.
• Create and Print Forms ( 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ, 24Q) regular & revised quarterly TDS return in formats prescribed by Income Tax Department.
• Digitally sign Traces 16 / Traces 16A. Generate covering letter for Traces 16 / Traces 16A.
• Digitally sign Form 16 (Part A & Part B) and generate covering letter.
• Forecast your Default Notice in a single click using eTdsDNF. Calculate your interest on Delayed deduction & deposit.
• Seamless File correction returns and maintain correction log for Filed returns.
• Justification Report.
• Convert your regular FVU / Correction FVU / Consolidated TDS file into MS-Excel.
• Store your PRN details along with scanned copies.
• Print & ePayment of challan.
• Bulk PAN verification

• Ease of use, simple navigation, Excel based with ready to use templates.
• Auto backup and Record LOG of FVU files created.
• Useful tools at your fingertips. Tools like Rate Chart, Income Tax Calculator, TDS calculator, Filing Date, Filing Fees provided to help improve productivity.
• Auto Download of CSI File

ITRWizard is an integrated software for efiling of income tax returns and tax audit forms.

Key Features:
• Create XML return for ITR1, ITR4, ITR4S, ITR5, & ITR6
• Import your XML file into Excel Template
• Print forms using XML files (ITR1, ITR4, ITR4S, ITR5, & ITR6)
• Convert 26AS text file to MS Excel
• eFiling Tax-Audit Forms: 3CA-3CD, 3CB-3CD, 29B & 3CEB for A.Y 2014-15 and A.Y 2015-16

• Easy user interface
• Excel-To-Excel feature – Easily handles multiple schema changes
• Import of last year’s XML to current year excel template

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