Easy Reports

EasyReports makes your Tally.ERP9, SAP B1, NAV Reports & MIS faster and smarter
No more data download to excel and manual report preparation
No more slow performance and waiting for reports

Sales & Debtors

Sales & Debtors by Sales Person, Area, Channel, Segment, Location


Profitability by customer, location, product, group, salesperson

Targets & Budgets

Targets, Budgets vs Actuals – sales, items, salespersons, revenue & expenses

Revenue Reporting

Cost Centre Trial, Profitability and Analysis with matrix, ledger and voucher types

FIFO Ageing

FIFO Ageing reports for stock and debtors

Debtors Analysis

Credit Analysis and Average Payment Days by bill, customer, salesperson

Key Features:

Tally Integration

  1. Auto-schdule sync of data
  2. Error free data imports
  3. File based for offline data
  4. Supports customized fields


  1. Use customized fields from Tally
  2. Define your own reports
  3. Create dashboards
  4. Define your own fields

Ready Reports

  1. Over 200+ reports available
  2. Get started in minutes
  3. Covers critical business functions
  4. Instant ROI

Live in Minutes

  1. Quick installation
  2. Instant activation
  3. See before you buy
  4. Save on implementation costs

Schedule your Reports

  1. Auto-schedule reports
  2. Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  3. Custom Schedules possible
  4. Send email or export to folder

Excel Integration

  1. Custom functions in excel
  2. Define your reports in excel
  3. Beautifully formatted reports
  4. Save manual labour