1. Remind you or your staff for timely completion of all your Govt. Compliances eg. GST, TDS, PF, ESI, PT, MCA, IT, FCRA, SEBI, etc.. (which results in saving of Interest / Penalty / risk of non-compliance)
  2. apart from Govt. Compliances, create any no. of Internal compliances like vendor payments, internal audit tasks, any expiry reminders (eg. Insurance, Lease agreement, AMC expiry, FD Renewal, etc..)
  3. Upload the proof of compliance for easy retrievel anytime in the future with one click. (for quickly responding to any legal notice)
  4. Management Dashboard to view the status of all compliances across multiple entities.
  5. Save time during Audits by giving view rights to Auditor for all the compliance proofs and completion dates.

Key Features

  1. Single place to keep complete record of all your legal and internal compliances
  2. Fix responsibility of each compliance to a person
  3. Multiple Reminders for upcoming compliances.
  4. Escalation email for overdue compliances.
  5. Update proof of compliance completion.
  6. User friendly Data Entry Screen.
  7. Real time dashboard of compliance

Built in Content

  1. Built in compliance list for Income-tax, GST, MCA, PTax, PF and ESIC
  2. Timely reminders about data extensions

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