FAMS is a comprehensive enterprise Fixed Asset Management Solution that helps you perform complex depreciation calculations for financial and tax reporting, asset inventory tracking, Barcode and Physical verification. Have complete control over the entire fixed asset lifecycle - from Acquisition to Sale/Discard.


Asset Details

  • Acquisition/ Build up
  • Import Data from
  • MS-Excel
  • 15 User Defined Fields
  • 3Tier Classification
  • Parent-Child
  • relationship
  • 3Tier Location
  • Dept./Cost Center
  • Users
  • Vendor

Asset Accounting

  • Cost Break-up
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Split
  • Gain/Loss on sale
  • Capital WIP
  • Shifting
  • Multiple Quantity asset record

Asset Management

  • Warranty /AMC/Insurance
  • Physical Verification
  • Bar Code Interface
  • Asset Card
  • Complete History
  • Replacement based on Life


  • As per Companies Act
  • As per Income-tax Act
  • Retrospective Change
  • Two Additional Change
  • Multi Shift Depreciation
  • Leasehold assets
  • Depreciation
  • Standard or Overriding Dep.

Powerful Reporting

  • 70 Standard Reports
  • Powerful Report Filters
  • Exception Report
  • FAMS offers unmatched speed and functionality, an easy-to-use interface and powerful reporting features -all backed by the best customer support in the industry
  • Over 800 companies from manufacturing, IT, ITeS and services field have been using FAMS to record and manage assets, calculate accurate depreciation and get powerful MIS.
  • FAMS can be implemented with minimum efforts and in shortest time.
  • Fully compliant with the provisions of Companies-Act,  Income-tax and Accounting Standards, FAMS is regulary updated  for latest changes, additions and improvements

Maintain Fixed Assets Register
FAMS is the complete software that helps you maintain records of fixed assets. Complete details of each asset including cost, useful life, user, location, department, cost centre etc. can be maintained. Several other dimensions of an asset can be added by creating User Defined Fields.

Manage Fixed Assets
All events pertaining to an asset can be recorded in FAMS. e.g shifting, sale, discard, split. Recording Annual Maintenance Contracts, warranties and insurance details help generating timely alerts for proper management of assets.

Compute Depreciation
All statutory aspects of depreciation calculation are covered in finer details in FAMS. Depreciation calculation as per Companies Act, 1956, retrospective change in Rate / Method, block wise depreciation as per Income Tax Act 1961 are all covered in complete details. Apart from the two statutory depreciations books, two additional user defined depreciation books can also be created e.g. Depreciation books as per parent company requirements.

Powerful Reporting
37 standard reports ranging from Fixed Asset Schedule to Asset Register and Cards are provided along with FAMS. Easy-to-use query builder help user create other reports as and when required. Most of the reports have range and filter selection facility and can be exported to MS Word / Excel formats.

Quick Implementation
If your existing Fixed assets details are kept in MS Excel format, you can re-format and import them in FAMS to get a head-start. Hence , there is no need to waste time in re-entering data