Payroll and Compliance Outsourcing


Compliance Calendar Jan 2018 / Feb 2018

Revision of minimum wages for Karnataka on 30/12/2017

Karnataka Labour Welfare Fund Notification April 2017

List of activities that can be outsourced to us:

One time Activities

Any Statutory Registrations – Shop & Establishment, Factories Act, PF, ESI, PT, TDS, etc..

Monthly Activities

  • Calculation and preparation of employees’ salaries / Full & Final Settlement
  • Calculation and deduction of statutory compliances – PF, PT, ESI and Income Tax
  • Making payments of PT, PF, ESI, IT to govt. online
  • Filing of online returns of PF, PT and ESIC to govt
  • Direct transfer of employee’s salaries to their bank accounts.

Quarterly Activities and Reports

E-TDS return filing

Year-end Activities and Reports

  • Audit of proofs of Income Tax declarations by employees (online)
  • Generation of digitally signed Form 16

Year-beginning Activities and Reports

  • Collection of Income Tax declaration of employees in online employee portal
  • Collection of flexible benefits plan declaration in online employee portal

Value Added Services:

  • Salary Structuring, Leave Policy
  • Employees Bank Account Opening
  • Employees Income Tax Return
  • Bio-Metric Device integration for Time & Attendance and Salary Process.

Statutory Registers | Records | Returns Management | License Registration and Renewal

  • Appointment Letter | Muster Roll | Register of Wages | Wages Slip |
  • |Register of Fine | Register of Deductions | Register of Damages |
  • | Register of Employment | Register of Leave | Register of Overtime |
  • | Employment Card | Register of Workmen | Register of Contractor |
  • | Register for Equal Remuneration | Service Card |
  • | Muster Roll Under Maternity Benefit | Register of Bonus |
  • | Register of Sales Promotion employees | Service Records |
  • | Muster Roll Under Industrial Establishment | Register of Hours of Work |
  • | Monthly Returns | Quarterly Returns | Half Yearly Returns | Annual Returns

Social Security Service Management

  • EPF, ESI, Workmen’s Compensation, Maternity Benefits, Gratuity.

Entity and Vendor Audit Management

* Audit includes comprehensive verification of all statutory Registers, records, Documents, Licenses, Registration Certificates, Amendments in Certificates, Renewal of License and Certificates,Verification of Remitted challan copies, Filing of Statutory Returns to various authorities on time, Exhibits of documents on Notice Boards.