Digital Signature Certificate

Types of DSC

  1. Class 2 Certificates for both organisation & Individual – Used for GST, MCA (ROC), Income Tax, PF website, ESIC website.
  2. Class 3 Certificates for Organisation – Used for E-Tender, E procurement.
  3. Class 3 Certificates for Organisation with encryption – Used for E-Tender, E procurement.
  4. DGFT- Used for DGFT. (Foreign Trade)

How to get a DSC


Get DSC in 1 day: By submitting self attested application form along with ID & Address proof duly attested by any Gazetted Officer or bank manager’s + ID proof of attesting officer also as per present practice.

Download any of the below application form.

Regular PDF: IndividualOrganisationBankGovernmentDGFTForeign InvdividualForeign Organisation

Editable PDF: Individual, Organisation, Bank, Government, DGFT, Foreign Individual, Foreign Organisation


Cost of DSC (includes 18% GST)

DSC Type 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
Class 2 Individual 201 213 354
Class 3 with encryption 1947 2124 3186
Class 3 without encryption 1298 1416 2124
DGFT 1770 2065

If etoken required, it will be chargeable at Rs. 295 (including 18% GST).

Service charges for DSC Processing – 900/- + 18% GST (50% Discount for CA’s)

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