Digital Signature Certificate

Types of DSC

  1. Class 2 Certificates for both organisation & Individual – Used for GST, MCA (ROC), Income Tax, PF website, ESIC website.
  2. Class 3 Certificates for Organisation – Used for E-Tender, E procurement.
  3. Class 3 Certificates for Organisation with encryption – Used for E-Tender, E procurement.
  4. DGFT- Used for DGFT. (Foreign Trade)

How to get a DSC

Option 1: By Aadhaar OTP and Video Recording ,you can process dsc in your premises without using Biometric finger print Machine. (GET DSC IN JUST 15 MINUTES, Give Aadhaar & Pan card Number). Click here to apply

Option 2: By client’s eKYC on Aadhaar Biometric fingerprint Machine by entering Applicant Aadhaar card number, Placing Applicant ’s finger on biometric machines. (GET DSC IN JUST 15 MINUTES, (Applicant should be in our office)

Option 3: By submitting paper application form along with ID & Address proof duly attested by any Gazetted Officer or bank manager’s + ID proof of attesting officer also as per present practice. Download any of the below application form.

IndividualOrganisationBankGovernmentDGFTForeign InvdividualForeign Organisation


Cost of DSC (includes 18% GST)

DSC Type 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
Class 2 Individual 201 213 354
Class 3 with encryption 1416 1593 2360
Class 3 without encryption 944 1062 1593
DGFT 1515 2065

If etoken required, it will be chargeable at Rs. 295 (including 18% GST).

Service charges for DSC Processing – 900/- + 18% GST (50% Discount for CA’s)

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